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I’m Matthieu Ostertag, a freelance developer passionate about rendering, shaders, technical art, fx… In short, all stuff related to art and programming.

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About Me


Well, that’s me, Matthieu Ostertag, and as far as I remember, I have always been attracted by art and programming. I remember being a kid and spending so much time watching behind the scenes documentaries of my favorite animation films or games. I was really attracted by how things were crafted, what technologies or software were used. Then I started making my own small projects which led to what I do now.

I currently work as a freelance developer specialized in graphics and all related topics such as shaders, technical art or fx, no matter the platform and its constraints. I help teams all around the world on various projects whether are they highly visual, story-driven immersive or more technical and software related.

I take a lot of joy in working with artists and by helping them bring their vision to life. Every idea is a challenge and there’s nothing like materializing those concepts while making their lives and those of my fellow developers easier.

Another part of my passion truly lies in discovery. I love meeting new people, discovering new environments, workflow, pipeline or technologies and I am always on the lookout of learning new things and sharing with people.

If I am not working with a client, I am always exploring and experimenting new things or crafting products for the Unity Asset Store.

“Matthieu is a wizard. I could give him concepts of shaders or effects I wanted to see in-game and he would have a prototype in lightning fast speed. it’s rare to find a programmer with an artists eye and sensibilities. I would absolutely work with Matthieu again. He’s kinda my secret weapon and I’m questioning writing this recommendation because I want him all to myself…”

Joshua Singh - Art Director, Wavedash Games, Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment

We’ve worked with Matthieu for several months on Where Cards Fall, and it’s been a wonderful experience. He’s so knowledgable and passionate about graphics programming and Unity development, and is friendly and easy to work with. We’ll definitely continue to work together in the future.

Sam Rosenthal - Creative Director, The Game Band, Giant Sparrow, Toys For Bob

He’s wonderful to work with and to build Unity shaders and effects. He’s helped us define our game’s visual identity and reach details we couldn’t otherwise achieve.

Derek Arndt - Creative Director, Battery Acid Games

Matthieu is an extremely proficient and professional guy, with a completely selfless attitude toward helping others and making the work he creates the very best it can be. He’s an asset to anyone lucky enough to work with him.

Mark Norman - Art Director, Mojo Bones



Personal Projects


Let’s Talk


Don’t hesitate to drop me a line at anytime.

I am always glad to chat, meet new people, or discover new projects and opportunities whether small freelance jobs, long-terms contracts or consultancy.

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