Project Description


Those experiments are not directly related with glow but all the effects created in this section use glow which improves in a drastically way the overall look.

Gem Material

This experiment combines a lot of effects to make this gem material, such as parallax, refraction, offset mapping, reflection, volumetric rendering, thickness, etc.

I was very inspired by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation short : La Luna, released in June 6, 2011.

I decided to try the Unity Shader Graph with the Lightweight Render Pipeline combined with some post-processing effect to achieve this star material. I also used additional custom techniques taken from the previous gem material and created a custom glow effect.

Light Scattering

Quick experiment about light scattering for a rain particle system. A trick close to glow is used to simulate light being diffracted by rain and glow is also used to give the illusion of light emission for the object.

Visual Effect Graph

Another quick experiment made with the new Unity Visual Effect Graph which allows to animate millions of particles in real-time. I also added some post-processing effects like glow as always.