Project Description

Where Cards Fall

Where Cards Fall is a dreamlike journey through youthful uncertainty.

In this coming of age story, you’ll build houses of cards to form and shape the world around you. The houses help you move through imaginative puzzles and bring vivid memories of adolescence to life.

At its core, Where Cards Fall explores how our most fragile memories of the past can become the strongest foundations of our future.

I mainly worked on rendering and special effects, in collaboration with art director Joshua Harvey and creative director Sam Rosenthal, so they could match concept rendering aspects. Those features were linked with several topics such as gameplay, lighting or environment.

We’ve worked with Matthieu for several months on Where Cards Fall, and it’s been a wonderful experience. He’s so knowledgable and passionate about graphics programming and Unity development, and is friendly and easy to work with. We’ll definitely continue to work together in the future.
Sam Rosenthal - Creative Director, The Game Band, Giant Sparrow, Toys For Bob

Pathfinding Vizualization

I developed a special effect that helps visualize the path generated by the pathfinding system, using a stylized line shader and a curve system.

Cloud Rendering

I also developed a stylized cloud rendering solution that allows shape merging and other shading features.

The first experimentation was based on raymarching but I ended up with an easy to use and more performant solution based on image based object blending.

Stylized Lighting & Shading

I worked on a custom lighting solution that allowed to add stylized lights to scenes. In addition, I had to develop a custom shading solution that would handle several stylized features for indirect, direct and specular lighting.

Environment Effects

I worked on several environment effects such as an advanced stylized skybox rendering system, shader based wind animations, fog system based on shapes, spherical reflections or stylized water rendering with planar reflections.


Where Cards Fall


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Sam Rosenthal


Joshua Harvey