Project Description

Winter Suite

The Winter Suite is a Unity Asset Store package developed to help game creators achieve high quality snow rendering.

Package Content

The Winter Suite package includes shaders used to build winter or very cold environment. It is composed by snow materials with multiple shading and blending properties and a frost camera effect. It uses several technics such as anisotropic specular, glittering and subsurface scattering inspired by DICE’s shading model.

I’ve also experimented some ice related effects which are not included in the package.


The package has been used in several published games such as Impact Winter by Mojobones, Rabbids VR Ride by Ubisoft, Little Devil Inside by Neostream or in Kôna by Parabole and still used in some games in development.

Matthieu is an extremely proficient and professional guy, with a completely selfless attitude toward helping others and making the work he creates the very best it can be. He’s an asset to anyone lucky enough to work with him.

Mark Norman - Art Director, Mojo Bones

This package has been referenced in Unity Shaders and Effects Cookbook by Kenny Lammers.

This package has been featured by Iestyn Lloyd during his Unite 2015 demo.