Project Description

Architectural Visualization

For this experiment I challenged myself to achieve a realistic architectural scene with Unity using baked lighting and post-processing effects. As my aim was focused on lighting, I found my inspiration in the incredible architectural work of Tadao Ando and his Koshino House.

Precomputed Realtime Global Illumination

The Koshino House was also a great inspiration because of its geometric shapes and rough materials as I didn’t wanted to spend to much time on modeling or texturing.

I first started to create volumes and made a simple lighting setup. Then I added some slight details but the aim of this next pass was to optimize and increase baking speed to make it really fast.
Once I was satisfied by those initial setups, I created the textures and tweaked the materials while always making some adjustments on lighting.

The last pass consists of adding the post-processing effect and tweaking a bit the lighting.

Right after finishing this lighting setup and thanks to the Unity Precomputed Realtime Global Illumination system, I was able to play with lighting in realtime.

Translucency and Global Illumination

After being satisfied by this setup, I wanted to push the experimentation a bit further. I decided to handle translucency in the Precomputed Realtime Global Illumination System. After some hacks, I achieved to inject translucency information in the lighting system.