Project Description

Enlighten Lighting Contest

In this contest we had to harness the power of Enlighten in Unity 5 and use our creative spark to dazzle the jury with an emotional journey conveyed through light ! We had to use The Courtyard scene and pay attention to lighting, composition, tonality and contrast.

We were totally free to use additional models, change textures or materials, add post-processing or custom shaders. As the aim was to show the capabilities of the Enlighten system, we were not able to bake the final lighting in the scene.

Lost in the Cold

With my entry, I achieved to be part of the Grand Prize Winners and reached the 5th place.

In these shots you can discover a peaceful and cold sunrise which smoothly illuminates the snow and the stones. As the sun falls behind the snowy dunes, it is still flooding the landscape by its warm and golden light. Lastly, as the twilight appear, only the artificial lights can give a warm touch to this cold night.

I made these shots using a custom made snow shader and some post-processing effects. I wanted to give a calm and mysterious ambient to the place while playing with warm and cold tones.

For this shot, I also used a specific shader. The aim was to create something that seems to generate a lot of energy with a mystical aspect, it’s the beating heart of the structure which gives its power and magic to the place.

This shot was made is in the depth of the structure, it’s a place preserved from the intense cold. The aim was to oppose warm and cold using lighting, color and composition.