Project Description


Infinite-Realities is a digital Character Creation studio based in the UK. IR has over 15 years industry experience in the Motion Picture and Video Games industry.

IR offers a revolutionary new 3D Scanning and Digital character creation service called ‘triplegangers’ which offers unparalleled quality and detail.

Custom OctaneRender Unity HDRI’s

The aim was to iterate fast and generate lat/long 32bit .exr HDR images to be used inside other rendering applications. I advised to use the brilliant OctaneRender for Unity plugin from Otoy with very simple box geometry inside Unity and provided setup guidance.

OctaneRender Unity Lightmap Baking

At that time, it was possible to bake lightmaps using OctaneRender inside Unity but there were no proper way to manage those textures. I developed a solution that eases the usage of ultra fast generated lightmaps baked using the OctaneRender plugin.

This editor extension, inspired by the Unity lightmapping tool, allows to manage and serialize lightmaps per scene and use them in the editor or during runtime.