Project Description

Stylized Lighting

Those experiments were inspired by the amazing work of Playdead on their game INSIDE. They used a huge list of amazing tricks to achieve this perfect, clean and awesome rendering style.

Deferred Shading Rendering Path

Using the deferred shading rendering path, it’s easy to add any stylized lighting data into the buffer and achieve the desired effect.

I worked on different solutions such as non-uniform bounce lighting using Half Lambert.

This is one of my favourite trick as it helps to easily fake global illumination with a lot of control and can be tweaked efficiently by artists.

I also experimented about other techniques such as rim lighting or ambient lighting like dual hemisphere or trilight shading model.

It’s really fun how those kind of effects can easily be integrated. As another example, you can also avoid using screen-space effects like ambient occlusion and inject custom shadow data by making negative point lights, add shadow or ambient occlusion decals for several shapes like box or sphere.